I Got That Work
You Got Skeletons In Your Closet, Well I Got Aliens In My Basement.
Chris Brown

Ctfuu !

Drinkin’ Every Night Because We Drink To My Acomplishments .
Ughh …. That’s Nasty. Yes I Am Weezy But I Ain’t Asmatic .
Lil Wayne
I Walkk Light, So Ii Don’t Piss Thee Groundd Off .
Lil Wayne
Facebook BullCrapp

I hate this. Every single day, people on Facebook are always writing their problems that are happening at school, as their status. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK! All i see is "OMGG ! I Fucking Hatee Himm ! We’re Done!" and "I’m Gonna Wreckk Her Gorilla Ass Up Like Foreall ! She’s Fucking Annoying !". And then a bunch of other bitches start commenting on that shit. Then, when you go to school all this shit starts happening and then all those people who commented get into it and end up in a fight or non-existant. If you have some shit going on don’t bring other people into it. And if you want to deal with it over FACEBOOK, message them. That’s what it’s for.

Freestylinn Likee Shidd !

Yeah I Hit The Dougie

All These Niggas Hatin

But I’m Simplee Like Buckyy

This Rap Not Makin Sense 

Makes Me Sound Like Sheeky

Not Tryna Make Fun

Buhh Yhur Voice Is Kinda Squeky 

Take Over The World While These Haters Gettin Madd .
Mac Miller
Swag .

Swag .

Thats My Creww Doeee !

Thats My Creww Doeee !

Niggas Think They Fly
Lemme Check Yahh Flight Milege .
Lil Wayne